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frak 2023 highlights

FRAK 2023 Highlights

Thinking of attending FRAK 2024 but want a glimpse of what you’re in for? Words cannot express the amount of knowledge and value last year’s speakers brought in just two days, so we’ve put all the video highlights in one place for you. But first, a glimpse of some of the topics covered: If you’re […]
scaling your fractional practice

Scaling Your Fractional Practice

Growing a business as a fractional leader is no easy feat, but figuring out how to scale presents even more, unique challenges. At FRAK 2023, during a panel moderated by Stef Tschida, fractional pros who have scaled their practice shared their journeys. Kristin Nordling of Lakeside HR Group and Carol Fraser from C4 Talent talked […]

What is Fractional Leadership?

Watch opening remarks from the inaugural FRAK Conference where we discuss “What is fractional?” After years of helping professionals transition to fractional roles, my definition of a fractional leader is someone who: 1. Occupies a leadership role2. Is a permanent team member3. Fills their seat in a fraction of the time thought necessary Fractional is […]

Create Your Own IP

As a fractional professional, you are constantly doling out solutions to the problems your clients face. And, if you’ve been doing this long enough, it’s obvious which solutions you go to most often. Your repeatable solutions can be turned into your own intellectual property. And, it’s not hard. Step 1 – Use the downloadable workbook […]