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FRAK is a conference for Fractional Pros put on by Fractional Pros

Our Mission

What is FRAK?
Frak is an in-person conference for Fractional Executives (CxO’s) where experienced CxO’s can come and learn how to optimize their business, network, and share their experience and expertise. Where new Fractionals or “Fractionally Curious” can explore the world of Solopreneurship and see if it is for them and learn the skills that will help them build a successful CxO business. And it is a place for small business to come and find resources (CxO’s) that can be critical solutions to their growth challenges. A Fractional CxO occupies a permanent seat on a leadership team in a fraction of the time thought necessary.
Our Inspiration
FRAK arose from executives unexpectedly facing unplanned corporate exits mid-career. Cast adrift from their work “families”, the job search cycle often led to being overlooked for full-time roles in favor of less expensive candidates. Discovering fractional executive consulting as an alternate path revealed a compelling way to leverage deep expertise as a solopreneur. But there was no event or community to support this niche. Identifying this gap, the founders rallied a team of fractional executives to explore creating a conference tailored for their needs. Within just 4 months, their committed efforts made the inaugural Fractional Conference a reality. (FRAK for short.)
The event facilitated invaluable networking and shared expertise from thought leaders for three core audiences: veteran fractionals, aspiring fractionals, and small businesses exploring leveraging fractional talent. The overwhelming attendance of 200 fractionals signaled the hunger for this event.
However, the vision extends far beyond that successful first year.
The goals are to create a global movement using a TedX-inspired hub and satellite model, targeting 1,000 attendees and $2 billion in economic impact over 5 years. Fractional Conference (FRAK) aims to foster meaningful connections, professional development, and new opportunities across the entire fractional ecosystem.
It has become the catalyst convening fractional professionals and the small businesses they propel forward. With an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion, the passion is to empower fractionals while fueling growth and innovation for underrepresented business owners. (The 33 million start up, small and mid-market businsesses that represent 50% of US GDP, and thier market colleagues and counterparts across the globe.)
What started as filling a new niche has evolved into elevating the fractional model as a new force for professional fulfillment and prosperity for workers, and new access to outstanding talent businesses worldwide.

Jake Stahl

Reflecting on my time at FRAK 2023, I can confidently say that it was a pivotal moment in my professional journey. The knowledge gained, relationships forged, and experiences shared have propelled me to new heights, both personally and professionally.


Brandi Hobbs


For a first-year conference, it made a very strong first impression upon arrival. Even comparing it to a lot of conferences I've attended that were more established, it was on the high end. I think this team did an excellent job and made me feel very welcome! I know others felt the same. The conference gave me the confidence to make the leap from full-time employee to business owner and fractional COO in the legal space, so THANK YOU!


Liz Otteson


Two aspects of Frak 2023 really impacted my weekly work in the fractional orbit. Several speakers had great insights about thought leadership, which has encouraged me to be more intentional and strategic in building a consistent voice that embodies my work. And when I do that, connections and possibilities flow. Also, the connections I made during the conference have continued to grow. Having peers in this fractional space gives me more people to tap for resources, feedback, and ideas. Plus it makes this journey more fun and inspiring!

FRAK 2024 Leadership Team


Rob Smith


Karina Mikhli

John Arms of Voyageur U

John Arms


Katie Walter

Head of Programming

Liz Otteson

Head of Community

Alex Bulmer


Angie Jones

Marketing Manager

Casey Fuerst


Jake Stahl

Head of Sales

Carol Fraser

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Mauricio Montes de Oca


Marcus Genzlinger

Sponsorship Manager

Heather Boschke


Brett Trainor


Katrina Post

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Melissa Hoepner